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Shelley Grund, Fine Artist
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"Chicken - Pie Safe" Sold

A rustic, distressed, hand crafted cupboard featuring acrylic paintings of chickens by the artist Shelley Grund. Some of the chickens pictured include White Cochin, Rhode Island Red, Columbian Rock, Pearl-White Leghorn, and Dominique.

A volunteer for the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities built the cupboard out of recycled wood from local renovation projects. The artist obtained the cupboard specifically to produce a piece of painted furniture for the Appleton Art Center's Art Aide Encore Auction.

Dimensions: 47" tall, 21" wide, 12.5" deep
Retail Value: $700.00 Sold
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Close up pictures of each panel - see below


8 1/2 x 11" Digital prints on glossy Kodak paper
are available for purchase @ $49.95 each.


Artist is accepting commissions
Please contact the artist at: 864.995-4840
521 Summerset Bay Dr., Cross Hill, SC 29332 

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