Shelley Grund, Fine Artist

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"Underwater Characters " (Click on photo to enlarge)
This mural was painted in the bedroom for a baby-to-be. Bright and cheerful - with much to look at. The clients say they sit in there and it makes them smile! The mural was the result of a collaboration between the artist and her son, Tyler Grund. He drew the original design with only a few changes and additions by the artist.


The long wall is approximately 15' x 8', the turtle's wall is 2' x 8'
and the stingray swims on a wall 4' x 8'.
A pelican greets a red fish at the waterline.

A friendly orange octopus hangs
onto the boat.


The boat is named The Bubbler. Here you can see some of the playful characters. The edge of a built-in book shelf will be just to the left of the sea horses.

A big fish, a red eel and a pink crab
gather to one side.

A green turtle waves hello.

Close-up of the
waving turtle.

A sting-ray swims below a school of golden fish and above a small green starfish.

Artist is accepting commissions.
Please contact the artist at: 864.229.4849
1411 E Durst Ave., Greenwood, SC 29649

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