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  Kitchen Garden (Click on photos to enlarge)

The client has a lovely home with extensive gardens. She wanted to bring a garden to the inside where it could be enjoyed even during a long Wisconsin winter. Eleven different plants were incorporated in the design, many of which actually grow in the gardens outside.

This mural covers over 2 walls in the eating area of a kitchen.
    Clemantis climbs up the corner by the window                  
    Impatients rest below the clemantis and beside the Hosta                
    Hosta gather under the window                
    Delphiniums, Bee Balm and Forget-me-nots cluster beside the window.              
        Irises, Fireweed, Blue Salvia, and Alyssum stand together near the phone (a faux post has been painted and waits for a real birdhouse to be fixed to the wall.)          
      A pot of red flowers sits below the telephone.            


Artist is accepting commissions.
Please contact the artist at: 864.229.4849
1411 E Durst Ave., Greenwood, SC 29649

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