Shelley Grund, Fine Artist

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  "Riverview" (Click on photo to enlarge)

The Riverview mural covers three walls at the
bottom of the stairs in a private residence.
This photo was taken from the stairs.

This photo shows the area before the artwork was done.
An eagle flies as two mallard swim in this riverview. A faux drape frames the scene on the left.

In the corner are two large trees on the bank of the river.

A Great Blue Heron stands at attention near the edge.

This photo shows the tree that lives in the right corner of the mural.

A bird perches above the doorway. The faux vine frames the right edge of the mural.

Close-up of the eagle.

Close-up of the Heron.

Two Mallards enjoy the river.

A yellow warbler on the vines.

Artist is accepting commissions.
Please contact the artist at: 864.229.4849
1411 E Durst Ave., Greenwood, SC 29649

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