Shelley Grund, Fine Artist

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  "Dinosaur World - Child's Room" (Click on photo to enlarge)
This child's room featured dinosaurs.
The artist used the designs found on the bed quilt for the dinosaur shapes.

One wall was painted with a landscape of
dinosaurs, trees and a valcano.
On one side of the dresser
is a T-rex, and on the other
is a tree that grows
onto the ceiling.

This photo shows the same
tree as it wraps the corner
towards the landscape.

The large wall next the
the bathroom is filled
with large green dinosaur.

And a dinosaur hides behind
the door into the bedroom.

A tree grows between the closet doors.

Plants grow on a small section
of wall near the door.

Artist is accepting commissions.
Please contact the artist at: 864.229.4849
1411 E Durst Ave., Greenwood, SC 29649

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