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Oil on Canvas - Empathy

Oil on canvas - Live Model Study.

Mural - Mermaid

Acrylic on Panel - Hen


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I'm an artist specializing in realistic artwork in oil paint and acrylics. I've been painting for over 30 years. Those who see my work are interested to learn that I taught myself through private study.

I like to explore the challenges found in all types of subjects, such as portraits, figures, landscapes, still life, and wildlife or animals. Working in my studio I have produced artwork in all these subjects, many of which were commissioned pieces for clients. For 6 years I painted murals and decorative elements in Wisconsin. Clients hired me to produce one-of-kind artwork on the surfaces of their homes and businesses. It was a fun, challenging, and rewarding career. In the past few years I've taken my paints out of the studio and into the great outdoors to paint "Plein Air" landscapes.

I relocated to South Carolina in 2008 and have found the south full of possibilities.

Oil on Panel - Apple Orchard. Plein Air Painting.


What is the piece for? How large will it be? What format? Are there specifications that need to be met?

Am I the artist for you? One of the best ways to get to know my artwork and me is through this website. Take some time to look at my Gallery. Get an idea of my style. What you see here represents what I've done, but it's not the extent of my artistic range. Each commission is unique.You'll find I am very flexible. I enjoy a challenge. If my artwork is something that you are interested in, contact me and we can discuss the details. I will also give you an idea of my current work schedule.

Selling a completed work of art is an event; producing a work of art on commission for another party is a relationship. The more successfully we communicate with each other, the more closely your expectations will be met.

We'll meet each other to discuss the project, either at my studio or where the artwork will be placed. I can create both large scale and smaller pieces to fit your needs. Price depends on many factors which include, size, duration of piece, shipping and possible installation. The evolution of the piece will affect the cost, and not always higher. Simpler is sometimes better.

We will sign a legally binding contract that includes details regarding the following: preliminary designs, payment schedule, completion date, insurance, shipping and installation, termination agreements, ownership and copyright, alterations and maintenance, contact information, and the state in which the work is produced.

Upon approval, I require 30% down payment. The down payment is nonrefundable. At that time I will proceed to work and complete the commissioned artwork as per time schedule discussed.

I encourage you to ask questions, and express your opinion about the art and its progress.


Artist is accepting commissions
Please contact the artist at: 864.995-4840
521 Summerset Bay Dr., Cross Hill, SC 29332 

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